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Floor Guide

Gallery 1Gallery 1
It is dedicated for standing exhibition of works by those artists receiving the Order of Cultural Merit and the Holders of Important Intangible Cultural Properties for their superb contribution in modern Japanese ceramic art.
Some of the works included by the artists associated with the prefecture are; ITAYA Hazan, recipient of the Order of Cultural Merit and MATSUI Kosei, designee of Living National Treasure.
Holders of Important Intangible Cultural Properties: Living National Treasures
Performing arts, music, applied arts and other intangible cultural activities of great historic or artistic value for Japan are recognized as "Intangible Cultural Properties".
In order to preserve and succeed traditional skills and techniques of the intangible cultural properties, the Japanese government designates persons or groups who are the masters of such activities as "the Holders of Important Intangible Cultural Properties". They are commonly known as "Living National Treasures" in honor of their extraordinary skills and techniques.
Gallery 2
History of Kasama ware and contemporary trends of ceramic art in Ibaraki Prefecture are introduced.
Chronological DisplayChronological Display
Chronological history and techniques of Kasama ware are shown through illustration and audio-visual displays.
Exhibit AreaExhibit Area
Representative works of reputed ceramic artists based in the prefecture are on display according to various themens.
Entrance LobbyEntrance Lobby
Adjacent to the main entrance, this is an ideal location for spending some quiet and calm moments. There is a Museum Shop at one end of the lobby.
Three units of interactive computers are available for playing games while learning about ceramic art.
Kenmin GalleryKenmin Gallery
A gallery is available for rent as a place for artistic expression. Depending of the space required, the gallery can be divided into smaller sections. Please refer to a separate brochure on "Guide to the use of Kenmin Gallery". The gallery may be used in conjunction with special exhibition hosted by the museum.
Special Exhibition GallerySpecial Exhibition Gallery
Various special exhibitions are organized for exhibiting superb art and craft works by domestic and foreign artists with emphasis on ceramic art. Please refer to "Schedule of Events" for further information.
Multi-Purpose AuditoriumMulti-Purpose Auditorium
Seating 150, the auditorium is used for showing video program produced by the museum and screening movies. It is also used for lectures, concerts and various other events.
Enjoy your meals at the restaurant with great views of changing


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